Is Fashion Ecommerce Still a Financially Viable Business Model?

With the ongoing economic turbulence many sectors including that of fashion have seen significant global disruption. The fashion retail sector in particular has seen profitability move southward in the past number of years, we have seen many high street brands simply drop off the radar. This is derivative of two major factors namely, challenges by […]

1 Week To Wealth – Review On New Home-Based Business

1 Week To Wealth Frank Trueblood is launching his new company, 1 week to Wealth, in a dynamic fashion. His webpages and YouTube videos are everywhere, and they are getting plenty of hits. He is currently offering a “pre-launch sign-up” on his website, and states that his program is…”the easiest, most fun, most profitable home-based […]

From Modesty To Bare Nothings: Ditching The Undies Revolution Part 4 Of 4

“What has been the fashion once will come into fashion again…” Japanese proverb In the first 3 parts of this 4 part series, we explored the beginnings of women’s underwear in an era of sexual repression and the evolution of underwear up through the sexual revolution, allowing for a freedom in lingerie and women’s underwear […]