Antique Sword Canes – A Fashion Statement and Self Defense Weapon For a Victorian Gentleman

Although the safety of the city was significantly improved during Victorian times, many gentlemen still carried some sort of weapon for protection. Carrying a sword was no longer in fashion so, although walking canes were not originally designed for orthopedic use but for fashion (such as the collectors’ antique walking canes seen today), they were […]

The Fashion Capital of South East Asia Goes Wholesale

For someone interested in wholesale clothes, Bangkok offers just about anything you want. In today’s economic world, small online businesses continue to be the fastest growing place. They offer a wide variety of products and services. This is especially true when it comes to clothing options. One of the hottest cities around the world for […]

Stiletto Heels – The Trendy Footwear For Women With Fashion Sense

Stiletto heel started a new trend since its entrance to the world of fashion. Since its introduction in the last century, this footwear has become the leading footwear for stylish and young women. You cannot think of being fashionable without getting some Stiletto heels. Whatever dress you wear, you can always choose the right Stiletto […]