The Fashion Faux Pas in Wearing Argyle Sweater Vests

Argyle sweater vests are stylish pieces of clothing that has been considered as an unfading trend that has surpassed many, many decades. Men from all over the world love to sport this article of clothing because it can be worn to casual get-togethers and even to formal gatherings by just replacing the other garments paired with it to either more laid back pieces or to more sophisticated apparel. However, there are still some no-no’s when it comes to wearing this trend. Not knowing about these would run the risk of you becoming a walking eye strain. So if you want to avoid any chance of looking unintelligent and physically unattractive, read along and find out the fashion faux pas in wearing sweater vests with those famous diamond-shaped patterns.

First and foremost, it is essential for you to remember that argyle should only be worn on one half of your body, and that is the top half. If you’re sweater vest, or any other top you have on for that matter, already has an argyle pattern, then do not even think about looking for a pair of argyle pants to wear with it. Although you could wear argyle socks with the former, it is never a good idea to wear an argyle top with an argyle bottom. As a matter of fact, pants with an argyle design are social blunders. So if you want to walk around while people constantly whisper about your fashion sense and laugh behind your back while giving you weird looks, then go ahead and find a pair of argyle pants to wear proudly to any of your choice destinations. Otherwise, stay on the safe side and of the fashion spectrum and stick to argyle sweaters and the like.

The next big no-no to wearing argyle sweater vests is pairing it with an undershirt that also has a pattern. This is true for whether you are sporting a casual look or if you’re attire something that is more formal. If your tee is already striped, checkered, plaid or printed, then it will only be at odds with a sweater vest that also has a pattern on it. So either change it or keep your argyle in the closet for now. The same goes for button-up shirts, coats and ties. Whether the print is just pinstripes or subtle polka dots, they are still unacceptable partners to articles of clothing with an argyle pattern.

Lastly, never pair the garment in question with undershirts that are shabby and frayed. Even if you want to look casual, this is not advisable. Doing so will only make you look foolish and dirty since sweater vests have no sleeves and people are free to see if you are smart enough to wear something decent under it or if you’re a person who is okay with using rags as clothing.

Now you know the top fashion faux pas when it comes to wearing argyle sweater vests. May you never commit them and may you always be wise in choosing whatever you wear.

Source by Stacy Shue