Rhinestone Flip Flops – Killer Fashion Mixed With Comfort Makes a Beautiful Combination

If you have never owned a pair of rhinestone flip flops then I can assure you that this article will take you on a journey into the wonderful world of this super cool sandal.

Corrupted by the country music singer, (and simultaneously by the stripper), and dismissed as too flashy by the general public, rhinestones have never been represented in fashion like they ought to be in my opinion. If you think about it, what is a rhinestone anyway? Most people probably don’t even know. (It’s actually a crystal in the strict sense, but for fashion purposes is most likely made out of cheap glass or acrylic). They come in all shapes and colors, and make for some beautiful patterns once you decide to do something with them that is not as outlandish as its general use by singers and strippers. For example, they are perfect on some comfortable sandals!

For rhinestones to really be appreciated, they should never be too big as an individual stone on your flip flops, or your clothes for that matter, or wherever they are going to be attached to. A great big rhinestone is a real fashion faux pas, and isn’t associated with the special footwear we are describing in this short article.

In creating rhinestone flip flops, the designers create fantastic combination’s of stones that are gorgeous in nearly all cases, and many of the designs I have seen myself are simply brilliant. Some of the most impressive uses I have seen for them on flip flops are the small stones, probably only the size of a pinhead, placed in small groups on the band of the footwear. This can be used to spell out names or initials, placed in small groups on the flip flop band that make a shape (such as a heart). The rhinestones may cover the entire band of the sandal – sometimes called the “3 row” design – with options such as colored rhinestones set against a white flip flop, or the clear, traditional rhinestones shining against a colored band. Both of these creates a simple but stunning piece of footwear.

A larger rhinestone on the band can be placed prominently (near where the toe strap joins the main flip flop band across the top of your foot), and combined with slightly smaller stones running down to the base of the footwear. Rhinestone flip flops start to get really hot when you add other fashionable footwear elements such as heels, feathers, fur and silver or metallic pieces. The designs that are created from such collaborations are superb and have to be seen to be believed, commonly combining with cool patterns and embedded designs.

Kids flip flops also work really well with rhinestones. You’ll see some simpler, but very cute designs that kids love to wear. You’ll find these are not too expensive and make great presents for little girls who are only just beginning to get interested in fashion.

Having rhinestone flip flops on your feet definitely says something about the wearer. It says that you like to express yourself and have fun. At least I know that’s how I feel when I wear mine.

Source by Sam Fawcett