Crochet Balaclava Learner’s Instructions – Crochet Tutorial & Guide In Balaclava Crocheting

Balaclava – a conventional yarn use to make things that would embrace the area over the neck, ear till head & at time lower down till ones shoulders. When it’s woolen then its best use would be to safeguard one self in extreme cold conditions. The true essence of Balaclava can be reflected in light colors, in textured yarn, decorated by crochet trims and petals or then have the full thing make yarn. To bring best results try using crochet along with knitting.

Balaclava is among the best finds of World War I, the method to make is rather easy thus everyone can make and something that shall come pretty handy during winters.

There still exist people whose requirements are not fashion centric, they require something unique. During winters balaclava does exactly that, give something unique. Mind you, people elders, youngsters, kids, be it school going kids, or factory workers, fishermen, mountain bikers or skiers, campers, hunter teams or even elders sitting at home next to some bonfire could all get some much needed help with balaclava to keep the cold at bay.

Balaclava is an art in itself thus its not something beginners can make, those who have sufficient knowledge of crocheting will find the task easier to do. We might know of different varieties of stitching methods but not these would be ideal for balaclava making, a few stitching methods suit it more.

You will dislike if crochet art leaves many pores and then when worn air can slip through it. These fore mentioned stitches would be ideal while attempting a balaclava – rose, Tunisian, dual crochet, lattice, button hole crochet with vertical or horizontal, chevron stripes, little leaf, leaf, zigzag, up & down, pineapple, increasing, twisted and Russian stitches.

Now if you have any command over any of the above mentioned stitches then your task shall be very smooth.

The requirements and supplies needed for a crochet is relatively little and a nice design can have you started quickly. Be clear that balaclava making involves some kind of technique with lots going into minute details thus requiring more time to make.

For this reason if you can take learning classes or have some video it will be beneficial. As for supplies part the requirements are 2 balls of knitting (aram or worsted weight wool), a slightly more heavier knitting worsted that has minimum 15 percent mohair in it.

Other requirements are type5 & type7 needles, round and/or dual point, in addition a stitch-holder or extra wool, and markers, yarn needle, tape measure, crochet hook which shall to resurrect fallen stitches if incase knitting forms a major part of your job;this because some people like knitting large parts in one go.

My advise to those wanting to do a full crochet project then start off using a crochet hook instead of knitting needles. This will save you from great hassle later

There exist many books as well as websites where information on balaclava projects can be found. If you would like to use that information to your advantage then the following websites could come in handy.

Source by Jennifer Walter