7 Things That You Can Learn From Indian TV Serials

Have you been watching Indian TV serials lately? If so, you may find this article interesting. Nowadays, you can choose from tons of serials to watch and have some fun. Have you ever thought that these serials can teach us a lot of things. Let’s discuss some of them. Read on to know more.

1. Fashion

No matter the occasion, you will see that the bride of the house in the episode has a heavy outfit and 24-carat gold necklace on. For this occasion, this type of dress may not be a suitable choice, but it happens in every serial.

2. Destiny

In college, your husband has a romantic relationship with a class fellow. She went to the USA forgetting about your husband for one reason or the other, but now, she is back after 20 years to get your husband back. Now, your marriage life is at stake and you have to go through that “agni parekasha” to get your husband back. This is quite interesting, isn’t it?

3. Love Life

In almost every TV serial, there is a woman who has a secret love child. And that child remains behind the scene only to come out at a later stage and meet your kid in school. They both become friends soon.

4. The Aging Process

Irrespective of the age of your kids and the age of their kids, you will still look younger for your age. In fact, you never grow up. All that changes about you is a few hairs on your head. Other than that, you look as young as you were when you got married.

5. The concepts of rebirth

Even if your husband dies, you don’t need to worry about, as he will be back someday taking a rebirth.

6. Memory loss

If you really have true love in your heart for someone and that person loses his or her memory, you shouldn’t give a damn about it. Instead, what you need to do is have faith in true love. While you are doing so, the whole world will conspire. And guess what? These circumstances will make the memory of that person come back. However, by then, you will have another person in your live. And this puts your love to test once again.

7. The Villain

In each serial, you will notice that the villain make faces while plotting against the other people. This will help you know who the villain is. And the great thing about villains is that they always seem to be self-absorbed, and they don’t succeed in the end.

So, these are a few interesting things about Indian TV serials. As far as our take on these serials is concerned, we think that the serials don’t teach us much. Most of them are produced for the purpose of business only. They are not designed to teach us important lessons that may help us lead a better life. However, there are some movies that teach us a lot of good thing.

Source by Shalini Madhav