New Magazine Aimed at Nursing Readership

Despite the decline of some prestigious magazines like the Modern Bride, Cookie, and Gourmet, some publishers still managed to create and print new magazines aimed at specific readership. Just last month, a new digest has been successfully launched. This magazine seeks readership from among 3 million nurses in the US. Scrubs, as what it is named for, debuted with a topics like “Fed up of seeing your make-up wear off during a 12-hour shift?” among others, was released last November and is constantly printing copies. Aside from medical terms, equipments, nursing scrubs, and hospital stories, this journal also tackles other issues that directly or indirectly affect the professional in this field.

According to the publisher Mike Singer, the publication of the magazine has been envisioned for months ago because of the present increase in the nursing force. With 3 million nurses here in the country, a dedicated magazine that can give them a potpourri of information and entertainment would not just give them time to relax but also knowledge about overcoming critical phases in their profession.

“And the nursing field is growing very quickly. It’s really America’s largest growing profession. So nurses are affluent, they’re great consumers themselves, but more important than that, they’re persuasive product advocates,” says Singer.

Just like any other print media, Scrubs also taps advertisers as their main source of income. The idea is that while the magazine aims at nurses as main audience, there is a huge chance that other people even not nurses may read the magazine for information purposes. Many nursing uniforms manufacturers may have the great benefit of marketing their products to millions of prospect readers. In fact the first advertisements that the magazine entertained are from nutritional supplements, fashion brands like Baby Phat, and job sites.

Just weeks after the release of the premier issue, Scrubs already garnered many sales and eventually will lead to more readerships. Their online version of the magazines recorded the most read articles. Among the highest read articles in their online magazine are the “What Scrubs Style Is Best for Your Body?” and “10 Things to Never Say to a Nurse.” The magazine, named after the famous outfit of modern nurses, the Scrubs, is edited by Elle and Mademoiselle alumna Catherine Ettlinger.

Scrubs also features nurses who has been in the profession for years. They also have full time writer who are in the first place, nurses. This pack of people behind the Scrubs makes this magazine one of a kind. The primary market place of this magazine is nursing stores and medical equipment sellers. You can also avail a copy of this through bookstores and magazine stand anywhere in the country.

In the future, Scrubs envisions of a highly competitive journal specifically made for nurses. As there are so many issues affecting every people behind this profession so should Scrubs be more vigilant in helping the people who help. Now, that Scrubs has finally set its first foot into the real scheme, its chance of getting into the limelight depends on how the nursing people appreciate its worth.

Source by George Foerstel