The Rocket Dog Shoe Story

Rocket Dog shoes is a range of footwear that began in Southern California in 1997 by Terry Anderson and Stephen Hoyt, when they launched their first shoe, a cork bottomed sandal with a jute upper. This shoe took California by storm and became the top selling sandal of the season, worn by trendsetters in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hoyt’s perky little beach going dog Max was the inspiration for the logo.

Hoyt and Anderson had developed a flair for funky popular design whilst designing and marketing for top labels such as Candie and Espirit and decided to branch out on their own with Rocket Dog shoes, which have grown quickly in popularity since those early days.

The Rocket Dog range has a cute edginess which is popular among trendy city types as well as the surf crowd and is worn by celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Demi Moore to name a couple. The range includes a full line of shoes for girls and guys including sandals, sneakers, heels, boots and ballet flats – in other words something for everybody and for every occasion. There is also a cute kid’s range which is proving amazingly popular.

Rocket Dog is now a recognised brand globally, taking the Southern Californian influenced style around the world to countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, across Scandinavia and of course Australia which is well known for its surf culture.

Rocket Dog is continually bringing fresh designs out to appeal not only to their existing clientele but to add more customers to their growing list of fans. The company is based in Hayward, California and has been voted the best footwear brand in many countries and won its fair share of awards. These days it is emerging as a recognised top brand globally and has a trendy following among the pop culture generation.
Whether you want something to wear with that stunning new dress or just something to slip into down at the beach, Rocket Dog has a shoe design that will appeal to you. Rocket dog are designed to appeal particularly to the style loving youth culture generation but have also found favour with older style trendsetters. Rocket Dog footwear is made from top quality materials including man-made fabrics which appeal to many of their followers the prices are reasonable and the choice of colours and textures is amazing.

There is a Rocket Dog range for all seasons and all genders. Their boots are available in many designs including knee-high, ankle boots, flat boots, faux boots and boots with killer heels. There are glittery silver studded sandals and stylish little black shoes or even cowboy style boots. The guys love the trendy look featuring urban and retro styles.

Rocket Dog has made a name for itself by keeping one step ahead of the next fashion for the trendy surfer set as well as the stylish urban set that like to be at the leading edge of the latest “in”style, and is nowadays followed by some of the longer established shoe companies.

Source by Charlotte J Wilson