Caprice Shoes – A Wonderful German Offering

You would normally associate Germany with heavy engineering and automobiles. Indeed over the years this country has been coming out with so many innovative products in these industries that you are no longer surprised at their ingenuity and high tech manufacturing capabilities. It is therefore quite a refreshing change when you have a brand like Caprice shoes having its manufacturing base in Germany and what’s more becoming a very successful as well as preferred brand amidst such high competition in the shoe industry.

Caprice shoes came into being in 1990 and now can boast of a very successful couple of decades of high growth and popularity. The main reason for this has been its focus on providing a product that is a combination of high fashion, utility and wellness. The brand slogan itself is ‘Walking on Air’ and they have done everything possible to ensure that their customers get this feeling.

Though many other brands have in the past and are still continuously innovating to come out with shoes that are light weight and at the same time durable, the technology adopted by Caprice shoes and the materials used by them have proved to be a great hit with customers. Consequently, they have been able to sell high volumes in the different categories that they have introduced from time to time.

For example, their usage of the Antishokk heel for their high heeled boots consists of shock stabilisers as well as pneumatic compartments that absorbs shock and transfers very little to the spine and other joints. This is one technology that they have been using for all their products and is one of the main contributors to the feeling of lightness that customers have talked about.

The material used has special lining and the insole itself has precision hemispherical perforations numbering over 300. This unique design and innovation ensures that the shoes always remain dry. Moreover, it provides excellent comfort and protection against both cold as well as hot weather conditions. During cold weather, it gives warmth and during hot weather, its quick drying and ventilation system keeps out moisture, dampness associated with sweating.

The shoes come further enhanced with a very intelligent use of the “Strago-Technology” wherein the upper, sole as well as the insole are meticulously put together using computerised techniques to confer ultra lightness and comfort to the wearer. It is a classic case of high technology being put into practice, following up on feedback from customers and understanding what constitutes comfortable wear when it comes to shoes.

A couple of product types in the classic heels and ankle boots categories merit mention with Caprice shoes. The Caprice Heeled Mary Janes has been one popular product with customers given its block heel shape and top quality usage of leather as well as textile inner lining. These have a rounded toe and the fastening is Velcro enabled.

Similarly the black coloured Caprice ankle boots with its pointed toes, cone shaped heels and top notch sole synthetics remains a high selling item in the range of Caprice shoes.

Source by Charlotte J Wilson