The Grecian Fashion Trend: Transitional Basics That You Can Wear All Year Round

The Grecian trend is being reflected in all different types of fashion and styles this year, including swimwear, footwear, evening dresses and casual wear.

In relation to swimwear, many brands have taken inspiration from the Grecian Gods and incorporated beautiful patterns and colours into their swimwear ranges. The golden and neutral tones of the bikini’s and costumes beautifully complement sunkissed skin. A lot of swimwear also includes asymmetrical features, for example one shoulder pieces with ruched detailing reflecting the Greek elements, that are so popular.

However, one of the most obvious styles of clothing that has been greatly affected, are the dresses, whether they are summer dresses, evening dresses or prom dresses, the effects of the Grecian Goddesses is blatant. Many of the dresses are made from beautiful flowing fabrics, that cascade down the body highlighting your best body parts and hiding the ones you don’t wish to see. The flowing, floaty essence of the Grecian dresses are complimentary on all body shapes, whether you have a boy figure, pear shaped, or hourglass, these dresses really suit everyone.

Modern influences have seen the dresses shorten in length, so that younger generations can wear them on nights out, many retailers have also made the Grecian dress more figure hugging, also reflecting modern day times.

In order to really substantiate yourself as a Grecian Goddess, footwear must be chosen carefully. Sandals are the obvious choice and come in a variety of styles, colours and options. Ranging from gladiator sandals to studded sandals, by adding these edgier footwear options it helps to excel your outfit and add an edgy fashionable vibe. If you want to wear a Grecian dress in the cooler months, then you can always opt for chunky boots and socks worn with a belt to clinch in the waist of the dress, this will add a funky, quirky vibe to your outfit and help the dress transition from Summer to Winter.

When it comes to Grecian accessories, there really is a huge variety. Some of the most inspiring pieces are bangles and bracelets, they really help give your outfit that statement feel. Many of the bangles available include stones and gems, that are often in hues of turquoise and jewel colours. The addition of a bangle or cuff to your outfit really helps to give an edgy feel and contrasts with the romantic essence of the dress. Whether its silver, bronze or gold it helps to add a radiant sophistication to your outfit.

Source by Sisi S Tsoi