Men’s Shoe Shopping: What’s in a Shoe?

When it comes to men’s fashion, shoes can mean a lot. In fact, did you know that some hoity-toity restaurants actually train their waiters to check a customer’s shoes? It’s true: if a customer is wearing some casual sneakers, then, much like most people, he would want some attention, or else feel snubbed from the location, as if his money is not good enough.

Men’s shoes, when they are dress shoes and look very expensive prove to the waiters, then, that you might be on a business lunch, or generally need your space. Men’s shoes can tell a lot about you, so be sure to get the right one.

First Step: Buying Shoes

Shoe shopping may be a great sport to the ladies, but men just want to get in and get out. Because of that, lots of guys simply skip the hassle altogether and shop online-big problem. Unless you are buying the exact same shoe from the exact same brand, then buying men’s shoes online can lead to a pair too small, a pair too large, or just generally a pair too uncomfortable. When buying men’s shoes, it’s worth the hassle, otherwise you’ll be hassled every day with those uncomfortable shoes you have laying around.

Going Casual

Casual can mean a lot of things, so be sure you’re wearing what you meant to wear, and not sending the wrong message to everyone. Skater shoes, like Converse, are for teens, and not really for serious adults. However, with Varvatos, you can go all post-modern, think skater shoes on steroids, and look real hip.

Then there are the ultimate post-modern sneakers-colorful ones. No matter the design or material, brightly colored sneakers scream out retro. In fact, you could be wearing anything, and brightly colored men’s shoes are all you would need to pull off the retro look.

Flip flops are complicated. When it comes to men’s shoes, flip flops are all about casual. In post modern fashion, you would probably want to wear something overly casual with something that’s not, like a blazer-don’t. Often, mixing conservative looks and casual looks works in today’s post modern era; think blue jeans and a dress shirt with a blazer, it’s almost as if your upper body is conservative whereas your lower half is casual, and this works. However, flip flops are so casual in the realm of men’s shoes, that wearing them in any situation other than a casual one is plain awkward.

With a Little More Class

So, you want to dress a bit more conservative. It may be you’re on a date, going on an interview, or just feel like your wardrobe should catch up to how mature you’re getting. You don’t need to go the trouble of changing your entire wardrobe. Some take the classy look by reworking their wardrobe, such as trading their upper half with a more conservative look, like mentioned above. Yet, you can do the same with just altering your footwear. Yes, men’s shoes have that much power in an outfit. Blue jeans and a graphic tee are casual, plain and simple. However, add a pair of dress boots, and you’ve got class, and in fact, you change your entire casual appearance into a post modern without the need of an expensive t shirt and the even more expensive accessory, the blazer.

However, you can still go casual in the realm of dress shoes. Note: the darker the color, the more conservative. So, a brown dress shoe is more appropriate with a casual look, like with jeans, than some black dress shoes-black dress shoes are often the conservative equivalent to flip flops; some men’s shoes are meant to stay in their natural habitat, because black dress shoes are just simply too conservative.

Colorful dress shoes can be tricky to a noob – they look more uncommon, so they must seem more expensive, and expensive is good if you’re trying to impress simply through your men’s shoes. True, in theory. Conservative men’s shoes follow the above rules unless you have a truly flamboyant personality. Otherwise, browns and blacks are the rule of thumb.

The only exception is when you understand that men’s shoes can be just an accessory; white dress shoes are allowed when paired up with white pants, white shirt, and even a white blazer.

Source by E. Shem