Fall 2009 – Modern Professional Hairstyles For Savvy Working Women

Whenever autumn arrives, I think it is time for every woman to give her hairstyle a new look. If you just got a new look for summer, ask your stylist to perhaps reinvent the style to change it up a bit. I know that every woman’s hair style is her 24/7 fashion statement, and when you go for a new style it quickly updates, refocuses, and refreshes your entire wardrobe. Who wouldn’t opt for a new modern hairstyle on the cutting-edge of fashion that still looks professional and is easy to maintain for looking great at the office each day? With the cooler season on the horizon, keep in mind that the weight and textures of clothes is about to change, so hairstyles will too. This season you will see hairstyles from the nostalgic days of Hollywood, and here are a few of my favorite professional styles that are in the forefront of fashion for fall 2009:

Short to Medium Length Hairstyles

Most women look good in short or mid-length styles that show off facial features in a flattering way. And in the time it takes to snip off long locks you can make yourself look 10 years younger with a hairstyle that falls above the shoulders.

Short Hair Styles: Easier to Maintain, Great for the Working Mom

Hot styles this season will include the Pixie or the Textured Crop, both of which are very low maintenance due to quick styling and drying times. These are great styles to consider if you are a working mom and don’t have much time to style your hair before you head off to work.

Short to Medium Bobs:  A Classic Nod to Roaring 20s Style

For a short to medium hairstyle this fall, sport the new Cropped Bob or the Classic Bob. The cropped bob is a shorter, more modern version of the classic bob – which tends to hit either at the chin area or extend just a little longer. Both of these styles are very easy to maintain and look professional. Plus your stylist can continue to change this cut by making it asymmetrical, adding some highlights for texture, or giving you bangs or taking them away again.

Long Hair Styles

Long Hair:  A Selection of Styles – Straight, Sleek, Curly, Wavy, and Ponytails

If you have long hair, this season offers a variety of great ways to style it. You may want to wear it straight and long, using the flat iron to smooth the texture. Or wear it long, curly, and wavy, which is reminiscent of the vintage Hollywood starlet era. Those looks are achieved with hot electric curlers, Velcro rollers, or by just allowing hair to air-dry to bring out natural curls and waves. Long hair can always look sophisticated and sleek with a pulled back ponytail (worn either high or low to highlight the face), a look that came into vogue in the 60s but is still elegantly stylish today.

Select a hairstyle that works with your own lifestyle and particular hair texture and you will feel confident and comfortable every day, while projecting a modern and trendy level of professionalism.

Source by Sarah Hathorn