Some of the Best Promotional Gifts Ever!

The number of things and accessories you can use for the purpose of promotions are unimaginable. So, how to make a choice!? In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the best promotional gifts ever! No matter what your business is and what kind of promotional planning you’ve done, here on, making choices on the best promotional gifts to give to your clients won’t be that hard. The best promotional gifts are pieces of ‘advertising’ that their recipients are going to carry along with them.


These are the best promotional gifts ever. Firstly, they fulfil all the above mentioned pre-requisites. In addition to this, every time a recipient wears them he will be reminded of your products and services along with all the people who happen to take a look at it.The ones that are used the most are T-shirts. These can be used to promote all kinds of businesses.

Office Accessories

These are ranked second after Clothing and apparels! Business accessories include desk accessories, glassware and calendars etc. We’ve seen business accessories like conference folders, post-its, pens and other stationery items being use for promoting all kinds of corporate businesses including shops, fashion houses, confectionery stores, pizza outlets etc. All the above mentioned items are the ones that are generally used the most. However, there is another set of promotional items that can be used for promoting particular businesses only.

These are:

  • Crystal Barware: Crystal Barware like beer mugs and shot glasses can be used to promote bars pubs, bars, clubs and all other kinds of restaurants that serve liquor.
  • Golf Balls: Golf Balls already come printed with the names and logo of their manufacturers and thus will instantly serve as a promotional item for that particular brand. Alternatively, these can also be used to promote Golf Tours, play-offs and premier golf players.
  • Bags: It’s a misconception that plastic bags are a conventional promotional item. They cannot be used successfully, everywhere! These are best used for promoting businesses that deal in clothing and footwear.
  • The Best of Them All!: Any guesses! Well, we’ve already mentioned it above. Our award goes to the humble T-shirt. Do you know that a promotional T-shirt with your company name, logo and message on it will be visible to more than 100,000 people in its entire lifetime? Now, how does that number sound for just 1 T-shirt!? If you don’t believe in us, we’ll like to tell you that even if one-tenth of what we’ve mentioned here is true, it’s still a lot of people!

If you want the T-shirt idea to work, we recommend you go about distributing the right sizes instead of buying one unisex size. After all, you want your T-shirts to be worn and get noticed, don’t you?

We hoped you liked this write-up and hope you’ll make an informed decision!

Source by Jeesh Muake