Choosing a Handbag Supplier for Fashion Boutiques and Gift Shops

Designer handbags, fashionable purses, women’s hats and accessories have become very popular in the past few years. Gift shops, fashion boutiques, and retail designer stores have jumped at the trend to stock their establishments with merchandise in this category. How should a merchant choose their wholesaler to supply them with quality goods at a fair price?

Wide Selection of price points

Not all fashion accessories and handbags are priced equally. While many bags and purses retail in the $40-50 range, there are lots of designer hand bags that can sell for $150 and higher. Many retailers earn more profits from the high end bags, as the wholesale prices of handbags and accessories are 40-50% below retail price.

Quality Merchandise

Be sure the supplier has 1st cut goods, which is the industry speak for top quality. Not all handbags are of similar quality. There are bags selling for $40 that can last a year or longer, while some selling for $250 can fall apart in a few months. A retail establishment’s reputation is dependent on the quality of their merchandise. Don’t fall in with a poor wholesale handbag supplier because of their marketing tactics if their goods won’t make the cut.

Choice of Styles

Hand Bags and Purses come in a wide variety of styles. There are different materials that make up the bags, such as canvas, leather, fabric, suede, and even straw for the spring and summer months. Then there are the endless array of styles, such as clutch, hobos, cross body, strapless, and totes. Bags also come in a huge variety of designs, with sequins, beads, embroidery, and stitching. it pays to choose a supplier that can offer a huge selection of styles so the store can have a reliable source of products that their customers will be looking for.

Wholesale discount price

Fashion accessories are known for extreme variation in pricing, and wholesale handbags are no different. Choose a supplier that is also a direct manufacturer, so they can pass along the savings directly to the retail establishment. Find a wholesaler that will sell low minimum quantities to retailers, so the savings are available even when purchasing a minimum quantity of bags.


It doesn’t pay to stock what is referred to as “replica bags”, or cheap imitations of designer brand name handbags, such a Gucci, Coach, or Pravda. These iconic brands command a high price, and no one will be fooled paying $20 for a top name hand bag. All that does is dilute a store’s reputation and honor. Choose an honest supplier that has their own brands, or buy from a licensed vendor who is authorized to sell brand name wholesale handbags.

Source by Aaron Parnes