Le Pliage 1602 Folded Bag

Longchamp, a famous French brand which is always keeping consumers’ favorite unique products in mind, grandly releases the Limited Edition Le Pliage 1602 folding handle bag with the only storage for sale in Hong Kong. The size of this bag is 25 x 25 x 17 centimeters, with 16 of the most popular colors at your choice. Respective VIP for Longchamp can take the lead to buy them at a special price of membership on May 19 to 21while other fans can get their favorites at the designated stores on May 22.

Since produced in 1993, this bag has been crazily loved by people all over the world. The sales of the trump card of the series so far has reached more than 15 million, which means nearly one person has one bag in hand in France, thus the bags of this brand are known as the French national bags. Mr. Smith Roux, Professor of Sociology in College of Business Administration in Provence French, analyzes from the economics point of view the application, user status as well as value and fashion appeal arising across time, the eternal and fashion model.

Mr. Philip, president of the brand, designs the bags combining innovation, convenience, durability, simplicity, color and folding rolled in one, marking imaginative design. Chic styles vary from light mini purses, small bags to even large luggage. In addition to the classic color which is released quarterly, a series of new fashion colors will also be launched. The fashion colors for season will not be reproduced, thus those bags are of high collection value. Up to now, over 100 colors have been launched.

Source by Lutus Zhong