10 Benefits of Modeling

Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to look good wearing designers’ wear while walking down the runway filled with the Gods of fashion world sitting staring at you from top to bottom and the chance of hanging out with the coolest people? With the glamorous life aside, models are just like you and me working hard to feed tummies and pay bills. The difference is that, of course they get to travel more than us and not sit on squeaky office chairs glaring into our computer screens for hours or under the sun fixing and building things. And they get to walk down red carpets with tons of flashing lights flashing at them while we walk down tar roads breathing in carbon monoxide or planting our bum bums in a room breathing in cold air generated by air conditionings. Those are just some of the many benefits of modeling.

Modeling of course is not as easy as it looks, in fact no occupation come easy. Modeling is a career build on beauty and expression – how one sells off ‘looks’, outfits. Not every pretty face can sell well, sometimes quirky looks sells more than usual pretty faces; the fashion industry never dies but is always growing, we’ve seen a recent increase of fresh designers debuting on runways with breathtaking pieces, upping the fashion game more than ever. When more designers emerge, new faces rise up to the spotlight as well. Of course there are many reasons why there are so many new faces emerging among us today. I’m sure we all know at least 2 or 3 of our friends who took up modeling as a career. So what do they benefit from it?

1. Glam, Glam, Glam

Flashing lights, VIP seats and red carpets. You get to walk down red carpets, attend VIP events and hangout with the coolest celebrities. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Big paychecks

It is normal for every model to start out with small paychecks but as they gradually work harder and harder, their paychecks get bigger and bigger.

3. Publicity

Model start to get more recognition as they grace the front covers of magazine spreads, appearing on billboards where everyone is able to see you big and clear or appear in big clothing brand’s catalogues like H&M, ZARA, Topshop and more. Or some way you maybe end up dating some celebrity, that gives you tons of publicity as well. Thus whatever you do, the world will be watching.

4. Ticking off your travel bucket list

Models get to travel all over the world for fashion shows, events and shoots. One day they’re walking in Paris, the next day in New York, the following day at shooting for a swimwear brand at Mauritius or the Philippines.

5. Having your own personal trainer and dietician

While we pay hundreds for a gym membership and spending a fair amount of money to see a dietician, models get it for free, yeap free. Not to mention, a dietician to help monitor their food intake so they can maintain their slender figures and yet still remain healthy.

6. Learn new languages

While you get to travel to different countries all over the world, for sure you’ll need to learn some basic foreign languages. Therefore, you’re able to communicate with locals or designers.

7. Develop soft skills

As a model, your circle of friends or list of people you know will expand greatly. You will have more model friends, designers, clients, photographers, editors who like you will befriend you. They will invite you to their exclusive parties, events and even comforts of their homes for dinner or spend time with them. Just like how Taylor Swift would invite her model friends such as Karlie, Lily, Ho Kelsa, Cara and more to her place for movies, dinner and such. You will be developing soft skills, ways of communicating, get people to notice and like you for your personality.

8. New knowledge

There’re tons of things to learn in the modeling world, more than you realize. Photo angles, the many different ways of posing, expressions, what kind of makeup suit which style best, different styles of walks, learn to exercise more, eat clean and proper food and not stuff yourself with junks et cetera.

9. Gain independence

Models frequently travel in and out of the country; sometimes just a few days or if worse come to worse, a couple of weeks. They would have to learn to live without their loved ones. Your mom won’t be there to fill up your tummy, your dad won’t be there to fund your needs and wants, your partner won’t be there to comfort you physically when in times of need, you will miss them terribly but you would still need to work. Many gained their ground and independence during this period of time. Models learn to whip up something scrumptious to satisfy their tummy, even if it involves risking themselves from burning down their place because is too cold to go out to grab something to eat. They learn to wash their own clothes. Learn to search for silver linings in every situation they’re in and many others. I would say that this is the one of the best things they will learn from modeling.

10. Free products and services

Yes guys, free! Don’t we love free things? You get free tickets to concerts, exclusive events and biggest parties in the city! Besides that, often designers do give out their pieces to models for keeping or free makeup from sponsors.

Source by Vinod Vullikanti