Frieze Carpet – It’s Not Your Parent’s Shag

When I show customers the new generation of shag carpet now called “Frieze” (pronounce free zay) and tell them that Frieze is the modern version of shag carpet they either scream in horror over the memories of their parent’s shag carpet of the 70’s when psychedelic colors were in fashion as well as bellbottom jeans, the VW van and the afro picks or they are just too young to remember those good ole days.

Today’s Frieze carpet is a lot different than your parent’s shag. First of all the colors have been toned down quite a bit and secondly for the most part the length of the carpet is not the length that your parent had when you had to rake the carpet instead of vacuuming it. The frieze carpet of today comes in solid color (primarily earth tones) and speckled.

When I first started selling Frieze carpet, customers would place it in their basement instead of Berber but now we are getting request for Frieze carpet to be place in the main areas of the home.

The Frieze carpet is now being installed in model and custom homes and almost always is placed in the flooring sample rotation for new construction.

Frieze is made primarily from two fabrics, PET (recycled plastics) and Nylon. Obviously the PET is a little less expensive and is environmentally friendly. The Nylon is softer and more durable. Whichever the fabric, customers are enjoying their Frieze carpet. Because this carpet is not manufactured to be a tightly weaved carpet, you will find that it is probably better to go with a shorter length than a longer length carpet. Over time your carpet will look better and bounce back faster as you and your guest walk on your new carpet.

Please keep in mind that most carpets are not warranted on stairs because of the intense pressure placed on them as you walk up the stairs, this will probably be the first place where wear patterns appear. You can help delay this by vacuuming your stairs more often.

If you have a more contemporary style and taste, then I think the Frieze carpet can be a good consideration for next flooring purchase.

Source by Carey Hunter